Best Google Home Games to Play Right Now

Best Google Home Games to Play Right Now

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July 18, 2020

Here's the best Google Home Games you should be playing right now. Updated with highest rated + new and notable options for you to try.

We've scoured the Google Assistant store to compile the following list of games that users love as well as newer games that might not have gotten the spotlight that they deserve yet.

The following games work with your Google Home devices and even other devices powered by Android (depending on the game).

Like Android phones, tablets, watches and TVs. Just install Google Assistant by visiting the Google Play store here.

Once Google Assistant is installed just say, "Hey Google, Play [Game Name]" or "Hey Google, Enable [Game Name]".

Google Home Quiz Games

Song Quiz

Song Quiz

In this popular quiz game (over 1,500 five-star reviews) you'll need to guess the correct song title as well as the musical artist. Each correct answer gains you more points. You can choose music from each decade all the way back to the 1960s.

"It's fun and addicting."

Movie Quiz

google home movie quiz
Movie Quiz

In this quiz game you and your friends have to correctly answer the movie title based on the question asked. What's even more fun with this one is that you can play live against players from all over.

"My fiance and I play this all the time. It is so fun!"

Question of the Day

question of the day on google home assistant
Question of the Day

This Google Assistant game asks you a new question every day. Ranging from a wide variety of topics like science all the way to movies and music. Just say, "Hey Google, Ask Question of the Day".

"You learn something new every day!"

Google Home Games for Kids

Animal Trivia

Google Home Animal Trivia
Animal Trivia

Not just for kids, but they'll certainly enjoy this one too! You and your children will learn a bunch of fun animal facts with this one.

"If you're an animal lover, such as myself. Animal trivia is a great way to learn"

Word Games

Word Chain

word chain on google home
Word Chain

This one's a lot of fun - and original!

So your Google assistant will say a certain word and then you have to reply with another word that begins with a letter that the assistant's word ended with. There's even a premium version for one-time purchase that allows for unlimited game play and difficulty level choices.

You can find it here in the Google Assistant directory or just say, "Hey Google, Talk to Word Chain".

New & Notable Google Assistant Games

Fleet Battle

Fleet Battle

Fleet battle is a new Google Assistant game from Veeheister Games. This is a fun take on the traditional pen and paper game.

It features an AI algorithm that shoots at your ships just like you were playing with another human. Pretty cool!

You can find it here on the Google Assistant directory or say, "Hey Google, Play Fleet Battle".

"Great battle game for voice"

Google Home Mystery & Adventure Games

The Vortex

the vortex game on Google Home
The Vortex

In this fun adventure you play as someone who wakes up in a space ship. Not just any space ship though. A ship with an alien on it it. And it's chasing you!

This game features a fully original story and fun audio effects. Definitely a must-play!

"One of the best games on Google Assistant."

Sherlock Mysteries

sherlock holmes game on Google Assistant
Sherlock Mysteries

Solve cases as Sherlock Holmes. This game features original stories and voice acting!

Unlock new clues as you investigate locations and people along the way.

Features visual support for Google and Android screen devices.

"Enjoyed very much! Kept me up last night for an hour or two."

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