How To Display Digital Art & NFTs In Your Home

How To Display Digital Art & NFTs In Your Home

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November 15, 2021

Spruce up that wall with digital works of art.


nft artwork
Digital art by @hollyherndon on

Have you heard of NFTs? There's been a lot of buzz about them lately but they're not exactly mainstream just yet.

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token".

It's essentially a way to prove ownership of digital goods. Video game collectibles and digital artwork for example.

Displaying NFT Art & Photos

Once you've created your own NFT or purchased digital art or photography NFTs, you'll understandably want to display it and show it off.

(btw, are you wondering how to make an NFT and how much it costs? Here's a good rundown here: )

Adding them to your smart watches and to your phone lock screens.

Making them your laptop's wallpaper.

But to take it to the next level consider displaying them on your walls in your home or office.

Many of us are already used to devices that allow us to display digital photos. Where it cycles through and shows random photos from a digital album.

Same concept but there's newer devices (and more to come) that allow you to display your high-res digital art NFTs just like a traditional photo frame.

The Meural

digital art frame for NFTs
The Meural Digital Art Frame

One of the most popular devices to do this with is called the Meural from Netgear. Yeah, the same brand that makes your wireless internet routers.

They currently have 3 different sizes: 1 for your desk and 2 meant for hanging on the wall just like traditional picture frames.

As explained here, you can download the mobile app and directly upload your NFTs and create playlists of artwork for your Meural to cycle through.

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