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The Best Alexa Games To Play Right Now

We’ve done some research on what games there are to play with Alexa, and continue to keep this updated, so check back often for new games to try.

Below, you’ll find a helpful, up to date collection of the best games on Alexa based on high ratings and/or positive reviews.

Most of these games should work just fine for all Alexa powered devices, like the standard Echo dots, larger Alexa smart speakers, Echo Shows and even Amazon shopping phone apps.

Heads Up: If your Echo is close by just say, “Alexa, Enable (name of game you want to enable)” as you read through the list, or you can open the Alexa app on your phone to enable new Alexa game skills as well.

Don’t have an Echo device yet? Download the Amazon shopping app which has Alexa bundled in.

The Highest and Most Rated Amazon Alexa Games


Alexa Jeopardy Game
Play Jeopardy on Echo Devices

Here’s one of the first major Alexa games to be released. Jeopardy has been on the air for over thirty years now and there’s a “secret sixth clue” to every category. You can find them by playing this Alexa game. An update to this game is Double Jeopardy where you get another six clues every week day. Double Jeopardy is free for Prime members or $1.99/month for non Prime members.

“Much continued fun playing this each week… many thanks for Double Jeopardy and Catch Up Play!”


Alexa 20 Questions Game

After Jeopardy the Twenty Questions game is next on the list for most reviews. Over twenty thousand reviews averaging 4 stars. So it’s worth a try for sure!

In this game you’ll think of something from one of these categories: vegetables, minerals, animals, or music.

Alexa will try to guess what you’re thinking of by asking a series of 20 questions. You’ll answer her each time seeing if she can end up guessing it correctly.

“This is one of my favorite Alexa skills. It’s well done, Alexa does a pretty good job guessing, and she even talks a little trash. :)”


Question of the Day Alexa Game
Question of the Day

This Alexa game skill is very highly rated (currently one of the highest of all) and has over 3 million players from all over the world!

Each day you’ll get a new question to answer from a range of interesting categories. Earn points from correct answers and see how your knowledge stacks up against other players.

“In an era of busy schedules, this is the one skill I take the time to play every single day. If right, I feel good and if wrong, data provided about the right answer enables learning. I love the skill for adults and about 10ish up. Even my younger grandchildren enjoy playing with the older generation and look forward to trying again the next day. This is a good family skill to enable and enjoy.”


Alexa Song Quiz Game
Song Quiz

Test your brain power with songs from the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and 1960s. You’ll hear about 10 seconds of a song and you have to name the artist and song title for full points. Answering only title or artist gets you half points. A fun feature is being able to play against other people’s scores from around the country. Not only does this game have over 10,000 reviews, but at the time of this post it averages 5 stars! Definitely one of the best Alexa game skills right now.

Looking for more music related Alexa skills? Here’s a list of the best music games to play on Alexa.

“The most addicting Alexa game out there.”

5. Either Or (Previously Would You Rather For Family)

Either Or

This is a game where you’re given a choice between two funny, goofy situations and you have to choose which one you’d go with. Then you can see which choices other players decided to make as well.

This family edition is multiplayer and also has premium, special edition questions (Like Superheroes and Disney) that you can purchase in game. (Note, this used to be called, “Would You Rather, For Family”)

“Love this app! Played with my 13 year old and 19 year old. We had so much fun and it encouraged conversations about our answers!!”


Alexa Price it Right
Price it Right

An ode to the classic Price is Right game where you have to guess the most accurate price for items for sale on Simple idea but a really fun time! Who knows they may even decide to reward players with gift cards again.

“What an AWESOME game. I love that I can play against other people all over the world!!”

7. Trivia Battle

amazon alexa trivia battle game
Trivia Battle

In Trivia Battle, you’ll be asked a series of questions from a variety of categories like Science, Sports and General Trivia. The difference with this game though, is that you’re trying to score points for the US state that you live in. There’s eight new questions every day and each correct answer goes towards the State leaderboard. You can also purchase extra questions to help move your State up in national standings.

“I love playing against other states. Az is moving up the tally board fast.”

8. Popcorn Tycoon

alexa popcorn tycoon game
Popcorn Tycoon

Popcorn Tycoon is certainly the strangest Alexa game on the list but it works! In this unique game you’re trying to pop as many kernels of popcorn as you can. Yep, really.

The more popcorn you pop, the more you can trade for more pans and equipment.  Additionally, you can purchase even more equipment with real money to outpace other players.

“ive never liked an alexa game before but this one is AMAZING — i’m addicted and i cant stop!!! everyone’s gotta try it.”

Alexa Kids Games (Now Updated With Disney Games)

1. Disney Hits Challenge

Disney Hits Challenge

With over 1,800 reviews, averaging over 4 stars, this Disney Alexa game is the clear fan-favorite. You and your kids can find out who’s the biggest Disney music fan of the house by answering questions and scoring the most star points.

This game is perfect because when I don’t know the answers, my little niece and nephew do. Perfect for all ages and addictive.

2. Disney Trivia

Alexa Disney Trivia Kids Game
Disney Trivia

In this official Alexa Disney game, players get to guess the questions based on their movies, tv shows, characters and even theme parks.

There is one catch though.

Each player only gets one round for free.

You can purchase more if your Prime account is linked to your Echo device or they’re free if you’re part of Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited program.

3. Disney Personality Quiz

Disney Personality Quiz on Alexa
Disney Personality Quiz

This is another official Disney Kids Alexa skill, and similar to Trivia above, you only get so much for free. You can purchase more questions or they’re free as part of your Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription.

Kids are asked a series of fun questions and then receive an assessment of they’re personality and how it related to the world of Disney.

4. Disney Story Time

Disney Story Time Skill for Kids
Disney Story Time

The fourth official Alexa skill on the list is surprisingly not rated that high due to some problems with it working at times, and we’re assuming it’s also because these skills aren’t fully free. You can only access so much before having to purchase more stories.

It’s worth a try though – you and your children can enjoy 4 different stories for free: Lion King, Monsters Inc., Disney Princess and a story about Minnie Mouse.

5. Sesame Street

Alexa Sesame Street Kids Game
Seasame Street

In the Sesame Street Alexa game your kids get to speak with everyone’s favorite, Elmo! This game helps children learn new things and to use their imagination in fun ways like Hide and Seek and calling Elmo.

“Love to have skills now focused on my kids. My 6-year-old loves Elmo and has been sharing it with all her friends.”

6. The SpongeBob Challenge

Alexa Sponge Bob Game

This is a memory game using the actual voices and sounds from the SpongeBob cartoon series.

“My grandson loves this game. We play it together all the time usually while I am preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Keeps us connecting with one another and enjoying every minute we get together.”

7. Kids Quiz!

Kids Quiz for Amazon Alexa
Kid’s Quiz

This one is pretty straight forward. Alexa has new questions to ask your children each day from a variety of categories like Animals and Fun Facts. It’s a fan favorite with many high rated reviews.

“Kids Quiz is the best part of our day every morning! My kids have fun testing their knowledge. Love the format, sound effects, and options for different ages. Awesome kids game for the kids to use! I have a 6 and 10 year old and they both love it!”

8. Freeze Dancers

Freeze Dancers Kids Game for Alexa
Freeze Dancers

Get your children moving with Freeze Dancers which directs them to dance around in fun, silly ways and they have to freeze in position when the music stops. The developer actively updates this app and listens to your feedback for additional dances and improvements.

“Love that Alexa tells the kids to do specific moves (gallop like a horse, crawl like a turtleneck, etc.). It really got my little one who is shy to participate!”

9. Animal Workout

Animal Workout Alexa Game
Animal Workout

This fun little game prompts your kids to act like different animals while getting healthy exercise. Recent updates include more animal sounds, music and image compatibility with Echo Show devices.

“The music is lively and the workout duration is short enough to keep a child engaged but long enough to tire them out after a few animals. I highly recommend this skill.”

10. The Tickle Monster Game!

Tickle Monster Amazon Alexa
Tickle Monster

This is a highly rated game that your little ones are sure to love.

Heads Up: When giving player names for The Tickle Monster Game, add your kid(s) names more than once with different spellings, since it doesn’t allow duplicate names. This way your kids can play more.

“This is a FANTASTIC skill and one that my whole family really enjoys. It is very easy to set up and works flawlessly. I cannot recommend it enough.”

11. Animal Game

Alexa Animal Game for Kids
Animal Game

In this game the tables are turned. Your kids can try and see if Alexa and guess the animal they have in mind. Alexa will ask questions to work on narrowing it down to her final answer. Alexa currently knows over 300 animals and will also provide your children with fun animal facts along the way.

“My daughter (4) and I use this on almost a daily basis. It adds a lot of value to Alexa being in our home..”

12. Bed Jumpers

Alexa Bed Jumpers Childrens Game
Bed Jumpers

The author of this Alexa game got the idea after his daughter would ask him to sing Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and she would change it up with different animals each time. Such an easy, great idea to entertain the kids!

“Great skill. My toddler loves it and always asks for it before bedtime.”

13. Panda Rescue

Panda Rescue Kids Game for Amazon Alexa
Panda Rescue

In this fun and educational adventure your child has just volunteered to help raise an abandoned Panda and they’ll have to work on keeping Panda healthy and safe through to adulthood.

“Gives them hours of fun and a lot of knowledge about pandas. Very nice game!”

amazon echo kids edition
Parental Controls + Improved Speaker + 1 Year of FreeTime Unlimited Included

Alexa Trivia Games For Multiple Players

1. Beat The Intro

Beat the Intro Alexa Skill
Beat The Intro

Up to 16 players can test their music knowledge with this great game. Name the artist and song name as fast as you can for the most points. 3 new tunes available to play every day. Using Echo Buttons, players can tap in to answer. A cool free feature of this game is that you can set up teams to play against each other, and a paid feature is Unlimited where you can select the music genre and play unlimited tracks.  

“I’ve never played a music game this good.”

2. Guess My Name

Guess My Name Game for Amazon Alexa
Guess My Name

In this highly rated Alexa game (by Opearlo, developers of numerous other great games) players will hear clues in numerous categories and will have to guess who it’s about. Higher points for faster responses. This game comes with multiple modes: Lightning Round, Practice, Single and Multiple Player.

“I was genuinely surprised at how fun this game was!”

3. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Amazon Alexa Trivial Pursuit Skill
Trivial Pursuit

Up to 4 players can play this classic trivia game on Alexa, built directly by Amazon developers.

“We have 2 Echo buttons. My wife and I just played. She won as expected. Good times.”

4. True or False

True or False Alexa Game
True or False

Another fact trivia game about the world that allows for up to 20(!) players to answer a simple, “yes” or “no” to the questions that Alexa asks. Come back each week when new facts are added.

“Love this game! I’ve learned a lot from it. “

Story and Adventure Alexa Games

1. Escape the Room

Alexa Amazon Escape the Room
Escape the Room

Actual escape rooms have taken off in popularity over the last few years and now you can experience them from your own home with Alexa. This highly rated and frequently updated Alexa game puts you inside your choice of: a jail cell (easiest), an office (intermediate) or a car (expert). You’ll be given clues to puzzles that will have to be solved to get out. Your three main options are: Look (in a direction), Inspect (an item) and Use (the item).

“What an innovative way to implement an Escape Room concept! I was skeptical about this, and it took some trial and error to get started, but this ended up being a lot of fun!”

2. Yes Sire

Yes Sire Alexa Skill
Yes Sire

In this adventure game you play as an ancient medieval lord who must make tough, smart decisions to stay in power over the land. Each decision either gives or takes wealth and influence. In-game upgrades and expansions available.

“This game is one of the most fun on Alexa. I’ve actually laughed out loud multiple times!”

3. The Magic Door

Alexa The Magic Door Skill
The Magic Door

This is a fun little choose-your-own-adventure like game that integrates voice and sound effects where you’ll be solving puzzles and meeting mythical creatures along the way.

“Pretty awesome storytelling with sound effects. I was captivated. “

4. Earplay

Alexa Enable Earplay Skill

This is a highly rated Alexa game reminiscent of old school radio dramas that our parents and grandparents have told us about. Your choices can have an affect on how the stories play out.

“Wow! Just wow! This is insanely fun. I’m looking forward to more stories!”

5. The Vortex

The Vortex Alexa Skill
The Vortex

The Vortex is a very well put-together Alexa game with great storytelling and production. Your character is the center of the story and it starts with you waking up on a spaceship full of robots under your command. You’ll create new relationships with other characters as you continue the story and survive alien enemies.

“I love it. Not to mention it’s quite amazing how detailed the storyline is! I wish I could have given it 6/5 stars!”

6. Jurassic Park Revealed

Jurassic Park Alexa Game
Jurassic Park

Another Alexa game with top notch production value thanks to Universal Studios Interactive and Earplay. In this one you’re traveling with a podcaster to report on what happened to the Dinosaurs on the island of Isla Nubar. Start playing 6 chapters now with the option to purchase 5 new extended chapters as well.

“What a unique way to let your imagination run, while listening to the narrator as they navigate thru various obstacles and seemingly real Dinosaur sound effects.”

7. Skyrim Very Special Edition

Alexa Skyrim Game

If you’re not a video gamer you might not realize that this Alexa game is based off a successful series called Elder Scrolls. Bethesda, the game’s developer studios, has successfully ported some of this fan favorite story over for great voice control fun. Are you ready to explore the dungeons and fight dragons of Skyrim?

“I love this! I finished the game in one evening!!!”

8. Starfinder

starfinder alexa adventure voice game

Starfinder is a new, ambitious voice adventure game from Amazon and Audible. The script for this one is over 700 pages! Amazon stated that it took over 100 hours to record all the possible scenarios of this game.

There’s 7 total episodes, with the first intro episode at 30 minutes long, and the remaining 6 episodes all at 90 minutes long. Lots to explore, definitely worth a try!

“In a lot of ways this is a return to the text adventure games I remember from the 80s and 90s, but with great voice acting and sound effects. Lots of fun!”

Alexa Party & Drinking Games For Adults

1. Meanie

alexa meanie adult game
“Alexa, Enable Meanie”

Meanie isn’t technically an Alexa game but is perfect when you and your (adult) friends are together and want to have a few laughs. This skill allows Alexa to start being mean. Just tell her to start being mean, or you can even tell her to be mean to a specific person.

“I like how you can tell her to be mean to someone specific and she’ll start roasting them.”

2. Who Drinks – Drinking Game

Alexa Who Drinks
Who Drinks?

Get your drinking buddies gathered around in a circle and ask Alexa, “Who Drinks?”, to get the drinking fun started!

“Actually very fun, give it a shot…get it?”

3. Party Game

Alexa Party Game
Party Game

Gather your friends, get a deck of cards (and deal the entire deck out), grab your favorite beverages and say “Alexa, play Party Game” and she’ll take it from there for great party fun.

“Fun & good times are guaranteed”

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