luxury mid century modern office chair

High End Mid Century Modern Executive Office Chair

Put a Bentley In Your Office

You’re not looking for just any chair.

But THE ultimate high end luxury office chair.

A chair bought for life.

A pinnacle of luxury office chairs.

Something you don’t just sit in.

A statement piece that exudes confidence, stature and competence.

The closest a desk chair can get to being a luxury automobile.

high end office chair by herman miller

Executive Work Chair

The Executive Work Chair (AKA “Time-Life Chair”), designed by Charles Eames.

The only choice when looking for the absolute best mid century modern executive style office chairs.

There is no other.

Copied and Envied for 60 Years

In 1960, the founder of Time Inc. asked if the Eameses could redesign the lobby of the Time & Life building in New York City.

They agreed and included in that design were now infamous lobby chairs built for comfort.

And the “Time Life Chair” was born.

Ever since, other brands and copycats have tried to duplicate the look, feel and success of the Executive Work Chair.

vintage eames executive chair
Early version of the Executive Work Chair (copyright Eames Office)

Hollywood Approved

Eames, the designer of the executive suite.


He was a set designer and consultant for the 1953 movie, Executive Suite.

In fact, Charles Eames even designed an office for Twentieth Century Fox.

Additionally, many Hollywood stars would purchase the Eames’ furniture designs for their own homes.

More recently, you can see this chair featured in episodes of the AMC series, Mad Men.

Eames mid century modern chair on Mad Men
Eames Executive Chair seen in Mad Men (copyright Film & Furniture)

American, Traditional Luxury

Herman Miller is an American furniture manufacturing company known all over the world.

Charles Eames and his wife Ray worked closely with Herman Miller many times over the history of their design studio.

This Time Life Chair was one of those projects.

Herman Miller still manufactures these chairs to this day.

Now you can own a piece of historic design for your office.

Dream Cow Leather

The default Austrian stock leather is pretty great as it is.

Or upgrade to Italian or Dream Cow leathers if you really want to max this out.

Italian MCL leather is soft and mid grained, and will show wear over time, adding to the character.

Dream Cow leather is full grain, European cowhide that’s available in various color options.

In fact, there’s over 50 different leather color options to perfectly match your office style.

Leather mid century executive office chair
Beautiful leather options

Modern Upgrades

  • Beautifully polished aluminum chair frame
  • Smooth swivel and tilt
  • Recycled polyesters
  • Adjustable height
  • Cushy, padded arm rests
  • Plush leather-covered contour back and seat
  • Four-and-a-half inch thick cushion seat
  • Three-inch thick cushion back

Make This Executive Decision

So here we are. You’ve reached that point.

Your current office chair is probably alright.

Its comfortable enough – looks okay.

But you’re ready to make that statement.

You appreciate what money can buy.

Put your order in today.

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