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Immune Boosting Gum

Immune System Boosting Chewing Gum

Yep, an immune system boosting chewing gum!

The recently launched, Mighty Gum, boasts that it supports your body's ability to protect itself from sickness.

Mighty Gum's founder, Mathew Thalakotur, says that he started the company because something like 60% of Americans buy vitamins - but then forget to actually take them.

So two years of development and $100K later, Mighty Gum was born.

A plant-based gum full of vitamins like Elderberry and Ashwagandha.

"There really hasn’t been much meaningful innovation in the chewing gum category in decades. In the ‘60s, it went from being a sweet treat to a sugar-free breath freshener, but nothing material since."

Learn more and grab yourself a pack Here At Their Website.