MX Keys Keyboard Review

logitech mx keys keyboard review

Logitech's MX Keys computer keyboard is part of their MX line of accessories geared towards developers, graphic designers and really just anyone who appreciates a well-built, great-looking keyboard.

The MX keyboard is a 2020 winner of both the iF Design and reddot awards.

30 Days of Use

I have to admit, prior to the MX I was only using the keyboard on my MacBook.

A new, separate keyboard was one of the first items added to the list when planning the dwelling trends home office redesign.

It's been about 30 days now since the keyboard has arrived. And its been used probably every single one of those 30 days.

I know, I know, I need to step away from the desk once in a while!

Overall, super happy and impressed by this thing.

There's only one problem with it but we'll get to that in a bit.

Let's dive into some details!

The Keys

Wow, the keys on this thing are so, I don't know. Buttery smooth? Soft? Perfect? It probably sounds weird but they're a joy to press.

Logitech calls it the "Perfect Stroke".

Look, I can't compare this keyboard to anything other than the stock keyboard on a MacBook or the standard iMac keyboards.

So keep in mind what I'm comparing against, but I can confidently say that I've never used a better feeling keyboard before. Ever.

Each key is "dished" and sunken-in just right, with a nice matte coating.


Charging is done through a USB-C cable and a full charge can last you a crazy 5 months!

The catch there is that you can't have back-lighting on for it to last that long.

Oh, we haven't mentioned back-lighting yet have we.

USB C MX Keyboard
USB C for Charging

Back-Lit Keys

I personally find this pretty cool but it may be of no use to you.

There's sensors inside that detect when your hands get close to the keyboard and all the keys light up nice and bright.

Is it a reason to purchase the keyboard? No. But a nice little touch that looks like this when you're working at night or early in the morning:

mx keys back lit keyboard
I Can See!


The keyboard can be synced to up to 3 devices via Bluetooth. You switch between devices with a button press on a specific key on the keyboard as seen here:

sync logitech with three devices via bluetooth
Sync to 3 Devices via Bluetooth

In keeping with the theme of honesty here, I haven't used this feature. I do have two laptops that I could utilize this with but only use the USB dongle that the keyboard comes with. So again, this feature may or may not be of use to you. The USB dongle works just fine for me between multiple devices.

mx keys usb dongle adaptor
USB to the Rescue

Keyboard Angle

Another nice little touch is that there's a back plate that pushes the keyboard up so that it sits at a slight angle. So its not completely flat on your desk.

mx keys bottom angle
Riser Underneath the Keyboard

logi mx keyboard angle
The Perfect Angle

Quiet Keys

This thing is completely quiet. If you're like Autumn (my wife and Dwelling trends co-founder), the sounds of loud keyboard keys and typing drive you absolutely batty. Not a peep from this keyboard. Quiet as a Prius!

The Verdict

There's a bunch of positives about this keyboard. See above!

But there's also a con.

This con is all about the extra number keys section on the right side of the keyboard.

I don't use the extra number keys and it extends the keyboard out too far to the right.

Where I prefer my mouse and mouse pad to be at is now taken up by the extra keys that I'll never use.

Now, will this be the case for everyone? No. Of course not.

But if you won't ever use those extra keys then it's something to keep in mind.

For me personally, all the positives absolutely outweigh this one issue though.

It'll just take a bit to get used to.

That's the only negative I have for this keyboard so far.

And that's very much relative and will come down to each of our own personal preferences.